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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Inspired by Mark Evanier's MASH IBM commercial video links, I tried to find Alan Alda Atari commercials or these Bill Cosby Texas Instruments commercials about how the TI had more cartridges. Instead here's a video of an Atari 800 laptop.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

A 1978 collection of Donald Duck stories by the great Carl Barks features an introduction by Barks where he refers to the collection as a "radical new art form" and tries to convince the reader that comics aren't just for children.

On the subject of trying to get comix recognized as a legitimate art form, Fantagraphics is blogging unproofed pages of its upcoming history: Comics as Art: We Told You So.

And on the subject of comix history, the in-comix-stores-but-upcoming-elsewhere Arf Museum features a story by Mort Walker about the time in 1964 when the National Cartoonist Society invited Roy Lichtenstein to speak in order to abush him. Author Craig Yoe promises a shocking ending.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

So rumor has it that Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties not only features Garfield and a Garfield-doppelganger but, like Tale of Two Cities, one of them gets beheaded by a guillotine.

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A British 1980 PSA (or, as they're called in Britain, "spanner") features Superman:
  1. Killing a guy for trying to get kids to smoke
  2. Speaking in a weird accent (vaguely Schwarzenegger-esque but probably just a British guy trying to do an American accent)
  3. Subjecting random people to deadly X-rays

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thanks to this news about Spider-Man, they'll have to rewrite the Electric Company theme song.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tom Spurgeon writes "There may be nothing more pathetic than watching people cut in line at a Southwest Airlines gate." I don't know if this is more pathetic or as pathetic but I once saw Jim Belushi (pre-"According to Jim") use his celebrity status to cut in line at a Southwest Airlines gate.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Since the comments below are discussing reality show Last Comic Standing, I should link to this ebay auction for a red envelope currently running for fifty-one bucks.

Tim Meadows as one of the talent scouts reminds me of the time Zach Galifianakis referred to Tim Meadows (in honor of the opening of The Ladies Man, I believe) as the "unfunniest person alive". Throughout the evening, I kept racking my brains trying to come up with an unfunnier SNL alum. "What about Robin Duke?" I'd ask, for example and Zach would say "No". At the end of the evening, I got him to admit that someone (and I don't recall who) was as unfunny as Meadows.

UPDATE:Chip's comment fired a few synapses which make me think that Brad Hall was the person Zach admitted was as unfunny as Meadows (although I wouldn't swear to it on oath). Once when I was trying to get a date with a lady comic, I tried to assure her that her being more successful wasn't a problem by saying, "I'll happily be the Brad Hall to your Julia Louis-Dreyfus."

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Friday, June 02, 2006

The odds of a Police Squad DVD set look better per tvshowsondvd.com which reports a release date of November 7th.

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Via Amber, a NY Times article about Blue Bell, the once-Texas-only bestest grocery store ice cream (as I noted and discussed here (Comments are still there, just not counted)). Interesting factoids are that Blue Bell outsells Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry's even though they're more widely available (on the other hand, they don't sell in half-gallon containters like Blue Bell does) and that the Cookies & Cream of my youth was made by buying Oreo Cookies at retail price (if I'm remembering correctly that it was invented in my youth).

Speaking of great ice cream of my youth, when I was a kid and the family visited the grandparents in New York, we always went at some point (unless it was Passover) to Carvel, maker of the best soft ice cream. Now, not one but two Carvel stores are available within five miles of my apartment.

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Reader "Johnny Storm"* comments below
Just noting, ME posts more in a day after undergoing surgery than you do in an entire month of eating brownies and frizzing your hair.
To my politer readers, I apologize that day job deadlines (that is to say, real job deadlines) have kept me from postng. I will try to post on a more regular schedule. And a note to Johnny*, I don't need to spend a month frizzing my hair; all-natural Jew-fro, baby. And if you're one of two suspects, at least I have hair to be frizzy.

*If that is his real name. I think the real Johnny Storm would be nicer about this (unless he was commenting on Ben Grimm's blog (Hey, what would that be like? It might go a little something like...[Gunshot])

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