Hooray for Captain Spaulding

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A news item from the usually reliable tvshowsondvd.com says that I Spy is getting newly remastered season sets on April 29th (all three seasons!) for $20 each. I'm slightly concerned that the only thing I see on Amazon is a "Email me when something's announced" entry.

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An op-ed piece on Los Angeles's Proposition S: "Reduction of Tax Rate and Modernization of Communications Users Tax".

Here's the basic story. The city extended a 10% telephone tax to cellphones. There were lawsuits against the city saying they were supposed to get voter approval and the tax opponents won. The Proposition asks for that approval (and approval for "communication services" so they don't have to ask again) and sets the tax rate to 9%. Hence the "reduction" although anyone I've told this story immediately notes that the base tax rate is actually zero.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Frank Coniff on Shemp:
I’d like to take this opportunity to address one of my pet peeves about certain fans of The Three Stooges. I understand why people love Curley, and I totally get why he may be the most popular Stooge: he was indeed a comic genius. But it really bugs me when some people, disappointed when they see a Stooge short that doesn’t feature Curly, speak disdainfully about Shemp, as if the presence of Shemp means they’re getting an inferior product. Obviously, W.C. Fields thought Shemp was funny, or he wouldn’t have cast him in “The Bank Dick,” and like I said, “The Bank Dick” is the funniest friggin’ movie ever made.

Cinematic Titanic is one of two "folks-associated-with-MST3k-doing-riffs" projects (This is the other one). The trailer sold me.

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Six Months Later...

So I'm watching Hitchocok's Foreign Correspondant and there's a character who's been hired to kill Joel McCrea but pretends to be his bodyguard. There was something very familiar about his voice so, of course, I check imdb and he's familiar because he's Santy Claus!

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