Hooray for Captain Spaulding

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tivo Catching Up

  • Thursday's SNL Weekend Update did a Bush-bashing claptor joke which laid an egg.
  • Advertising for the Flash Forward website, the announcer says "Don't forget the kangaroo. It might be important." Of course, it's important! As Anton Chekhov once said, "If you featurea kangaroo in a downtown city street in episode 1, You need to explain it by episode 12

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So I'm buying a copy of the new Dan Brown book at the Barnes and Noble and the first thing the cashier asks is "Do you need a gift receipt?" Do I look like a literary snob? I couldn't possibly be buying this for myself?

OK, it was a gift. I own the other two books in the series but that was because a friend was having a moving sale and I wanted an excuse to give him money. I'm experimenting with not reading the books or seeing the movies and seeing how much I absorb regarding plot, etc.

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